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International Flute Competition
Ferdinand W. Neess

His Art Nouveau collection and his musical life as a flutist: these are the two main pillars of Ferdinand Wolfgang Neess' life. The competition mirrors this duality and builds a bridge between Art Nouveau and the music of its era.


Experience top class flute music! During four days the best musicians will be determined - who will then advance to the decisive finals. Secure your tickets for the big final concert now.

23. – 26.

June 2022

In Ferdinand Wolfgang Ness' life's work, his Art Nouveau collection and playing music as a flutist played essential roles. Art Nouveau was a revolutionary art movement. With the means of art it gave answers for a utopian, aesthetically determined form of society. In the years around 1900, it also embodied in art the dark side of existence in the form of symbolism with a dark aesthetic of decay, the mythical and the mysterious. The goal was to create a total work of art that would dissolve the boundaries between life and art.

In this sense, the competition also aims to build a bridge between the visual art of Art Nouveau and the music of this era, which was also particularly important to the founder. In keeping with the spirit of the Neess Collection, music and collection are intended to complement and inspire each other, thus opening up entirely new worlds of Art Nouveau to the public.


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  • Flute Competition

    The International Flute Competition Wiesbaden will be organized in 2022 by the Art Nouveau collection F. W. Neess for the first time.

  • Ferdinand W. Neess

    The Museum Wiesbaden shows the collection of Ferdinand Wolfgang Neess as a permanent presentation in the south wing of the Museum Wiesbaden.

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